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Fast Heat for Hands and Fingers

Thermacuff © is an all-purpose and ergonomic heating solution for cold or aching hands.  Originally developed with the practicing and performing musician in mind. Thermacuff © comfortably fits around your wrist, delivering up to 10 hours of heat relief.  The cuffs are woven elastic polymer tubes with an interior pocket to hold the portable thermal warming packet.  The cuffs can be worn on one or both of the wearer’s wrists, with the thermal warmer positioned against the underside of the wrist. Get the most from your hands when you need them the most. 

Environmentally Friendly



The Thermacuff uses an eco friendly packet made from natural ingredients. When exposed to air creates a rapidly oxidizing reaction, thus producing heat to the wearer’s outer extremities.




A multitude of uses including: Winter-sports, Office, Outdoor Activity, Music Practice and Performance, Writing, Construction, Golfing, Relaxation, etc.  Thermacuff has virtually any use.




Thermacuff can be re-loaded with a new packet from any brand. Sleeves can be re-used many times over following basic maintenance.

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